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Writing to Scheherazade. To sum it up, that’s more or less what we’ll be doing throughout one year.

The work we’re setting ourselves up to isn’t much different from what we’ve been doing so far – searching for and investigating Portuguese stories and telling them to readers. However, in these Arabian Nights we’ll also be writing to a new reader: Scheherazade, the princess who, every night, tells a story to the King, thus postponing her death. That will demand from us, journalists, a greater versatility and focus on the things that, without being in the shadows, seldom become visible.

The Portuguese reality defies us to take on that search and Scheherazade summons us to discover the different stories that will make up their very script.

The Arabian Nights begin now.

The texts published on this website will reproduce the various dimensions of the country’s actuality throughout 12 months. But that’s not all. Some of them may become the foundation for the stories Scheherazade will tell in these One Thousand and One Nights, but that choice, just like the film, will remain invisible during the production period.

The illustrations published on the website are the work of Tiago Manuel and the inspiration for them will always come from some of the news articles.

The editorial responsibility belongs to the journalist Maria José Oliveira, to the director Miguel Gomes and to the producer Luís Urbano.

If you’re interested, the project invites you to share any story you consider to be relevant through the e-mail


Maria José Oliveira

Born in 1975, in Figueira da Foz. She worked for the national daily newspaper PÚBLICO in the Local/Oporto, Culture and Politics desks, between 1996 and 2012. She’s an investigator at the Contemporary History Institute, while taking ker PhD in Contemporary History at Nova University of Lisbon.

Rita Ferreira

Born in 1975, in São Pedro do Sul. She started her career in the national daily newspaper A Capital. She worked at Focus and Pais & Filhos national magazines. Since 2003, she’s a reporter at national TV station TVI.

João de Almeida Dias

Born in 1990, in Évora. Freelance journalist. He has written for national newspapers PÚBLICO and Expresso and New Statesman magazine.

Tiago Manuel

Born in 1955, in Viana do Castelo. His artistic training was done with masters Aníbal Alcino and Júlio Resende. His work has been presented in Portugal and abroad, in reference institutes and galleries. He’s received several awards. 
As an illustrator, he’s been published in the newspapers Público, Expresso, Jornal de Letras, Letras & Letras, O Diário, and in the magazines Colóquio/Letras of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Ler-Círculo de Leitores and publishing houses Âmbar, ASA, Afrontamento, Media Vaca (Valência) and Bertrand, among others.